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Long Beach Cannabis Glossary

We assembled this Glossary of Medical and Recreational Marijuana & Long Beach Dispensary Terms for those new to medical and recreational marijuana, or to the experience of obtaining cannabis directly from a licensed Long Beach dispensary. Find definitions for many of the terms used at our Long Beach dispensary about the cannabis plant, products we offer, and how to use them.


Pipes, grinders, and jars used to administer, process, or store medical cannabis products

A glass, ceramic, or plastic device used to smoke cannabis flowers, herbal extracts, or tobacco. A bong, like a hookah, filters smoke through water to be cooled before being inhaled. A bong consists of a bowl and a stem, and can also have ash catchers, ice holders, and percolators to further help purify and cleanse the smoke.

Compounds within the cannabis plant, which activate brain receptors to produce medicinal effects

The technical term for marijuana. Both words refer to the same plant

CBD (Cannabidiol):
An important medicinal cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD has non-psychoactive effects

Cut from a cannabis plant then, which is then replanted to produce a new plant with the same genetics

The chemical formula for carbon dioxide; used to produce cannabis extracts

A slow, controlled drying process so to maximize the quality of cannabis flowers

Cannabis-infused food items: baked goods, chocolates, chewable lozenges

The blooming buds of the cannabis plant. The flowers are where the largest concentration of medicinal components are contained in the plant

Tool used to grind cannabis in preparation for smoking, vaporizing, or cooking. Grinder does not damage resin glands

A form of concentrated cannabis. Hash is made by extracting and filtering resin glands from the leaves of a harvested cannabis plant

Cannabis genetic used to create popular strains. Varieties of Haze are commonly seen on in the sativa category of our Long Beach dispensary menu

Cannabis strains that combine sativa and indica to produce a balance effect of both cerebral and physical

Cannabis strains that generate relaxing physical effects

A popular variety of cannabis at Modern Buds. Named for the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. Several varieties of Kush are available on our Long Beach dispensary menu, usually in the hybrid and indica categories

Small, cigarette-shaped pipe. One-hitters are convenient and easy to use

 Small cigarette-like cones containing medical cannabis

Cannabis strains known for their energizing cerebral effects and notably for mood-elevation

Small pieces of plant material that separate from cannabis during processing. Shake contains a high cannabinoid content yet often sells at a discount

High-quality cannabis concentrate. Called Shatter as its hard surface can break when bent

Strain of cannabis known for its strong aroma. Many varieties of Skunk can be found on Long Beach dispensary menus

Popular style of glass pipe. Pipes are used to smoke cannabis. Named for its spoon shape

A specific variety of cannabis with its own name and unique attributes. Read about five popular marijuana strains

Syrup infused with CBD, and or THC, to provide medicinal benefits of cannabis through its consumption. Syrup is a versatile product, effective in potency and a healthy alternative to other infused cannabis choices with a blend of cannabinoids and flavor (also see tincture)

Aromatic oils in cannabis; influences the smell, flavor, and effects of individual strains

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol):
The best-known cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant; responsible for the majority of its medicinal / psychoactive effects

A concentrated liquid solution infused with cannabis. Administered by placing under the tongue or mixing into a beverage (also see syrup)

Not for digestion, these are non-psychoactive cannabis products, such as lotions and balms that are rubbed into the skin for localized symptom relief and comfort

Sparkling resin glands on the outside of cannabis flowers. Trichomes are also called crystals, and are where cannabinoid content is most concentrated

The leaves that surround cannabis flowers. Often converted into concentrates (see hash and tincture)

Vape cartridge: 
A pre-filled cartridge. Contains cannabis concentrate designed for vaporization

Electronic device that heats cannabis for inhalation - without producing smoke

A popular style of pipe. Bubbles of smoke pass through a chamber of water prior to the smoke being inhaled

This glossary was assembled to serve as a helpful introduction to some of the terms we use at our Long Beach dispensary. We will add to this page as new products become available. Our Long Beach dispensary staff is always available to answer any questions you have. Come visit or call 562-588-9019

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