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Is CBD Preventing Pelvic Pain?

Is CBD Preventing Pelvic Pain? I suffer from pelvic pain, specifically vaginismus. I’ve been reading about the benefits of CBD with pain. I was wondering if CBD salves or lubricants were safe to use internally? And if CBD will actually…

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Cannabis Concentrates Okay for Patients

Marijuana Concentrates Okay for Patients, Arizona Supreme Court Rules The Arizona medical marijuana community and business industry can finally exhale: The state Supreme Court decided a crucial appeal on Tuesday by siding 7-0 with patients and state voters on marijuana…

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Access to medical marijuana reduces opioid prescriptions

Debate about using medical marijuana to mitigate opioid misuse The idea of using marijuana to mitigate the opiate crisis may seem counterintuitive to many people in the medical community. Some healthcare providers ask questions like, “Aren’t we just replacing one…

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Startup Nation Banking on Cannabis as Its Next Big Industry

As if further proof was needed that the marijuana business is big not just here in Long Beach, but globally too, the Los Angeles Times in May profiled how Israel is making strides into the cannabis industry too. The country…

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